Adding New Content To Your Android TV Box

XBMC adding content

Your buddy told you about this great add-on that he has and you can not find it or get it to work on your android tv box.  Of course there is a way to install it.  I will show you that adding new content to your Android TV Box does not require a degree in computer programming.

WARNING: Not recommended for open mouth breathers or grannies.

It’s really not that hard, just follow along.

Step 1

System settings XBMC


In XBMC, click on SYSTEM, then tab down to SETTINGS and click OK.

Step 2

Add-On repositry XBMC

Click on Add-ons.  Are you still following me?  If you are lost… better stop here.

Step 3

xbmc install from zip


At this point you will click on “install from zip file”

Step 4

xbmc fusion and xfinity installer instructions


Notice on the right we have two resources named Fusion and Xunity (Some boxes will say Xfinity not Xunity). If your box does not have the latest version of fusion installed learn how to load it less than five minutes here. It works for both XBMC and KODI.     This is where you will find the repositories for the third party add-ons from each group of developers.  Right!  Repository..sound like suppository.  What the hell is that?  It is a library that the developer has created for the add-on that will auto update provided the developer continues to work on the project.    Not all android boxes will auto update.  Anyways,  Xunity and Fusion are the two sources you are looking for.  We will work with Fusion for the rest of this tutorial, but the same applies for Xunity.   Go ahead click on “Fusion” now.

Step 5

select start here


Tab down and click on the “Start Here” section.  Notice just below there is a file called “XBMC Repos”  You could also install new addons from here as long as you know the name of the author.  No worries, I will show you the easy way.

Step 6

select kodi hub wizard

If you want a new slick look to your XBMC Kodi android TV box with all of the latest most popular addons including Genesis and Phoenix then select the hubwizard option.  This is the simplest way of updating your box.  Beware, you will lose your old addons unless you make a backup copy.  Not a big deal as the hubwizard has all the most popular current addons you would ever want.  There are ways to go in and activate your adult or sports content rather easily.  Click here for a complete tutorial on installing the hub wizard in 12 simple clicks and screenshots of the addons included.

If you are happy with your current setup and would like to just add a couple of new addons, you will want to click on the third from the bottom file, addoninstaller.

Step 7

addon installer enabled

Be patient and wait for the Addon Installer Add on enabled message to appear in the bottom right corner.  Usually less than a minute.  My screen looks different as I already have it installed.  To locate yours you will back out to the main screen in XBMC or KODI and select PROGRAMS highlighted in blue in the above screen shot.

Step 8

select program addons


Select Program Add-ons where you will find your new addon installer tool.

Step 9

select addon installer


Select “Addon Installer”.

Step 10

addon installer interface


The Addon Installer is a fairly straight forward tool to use, but I will walk you through some of the sections.  Search is pretty obvious, so I will not go into detail there.  Featured addons is a collection of the most popular kodi xbmc addons for your android TV box.  If you were to use the hub wizard, you would have all of these addons installed.

Video, Audio, and Program addons each have their own section.  There is one addon section missing on this screen, and that would be the adult addons.  You must go into Installer Settings and enable that section at the bottom.  Be sure to click on OK.  The adult section will appear next time you reboot XBMC or KODI.

The repositories tab is available but not required anymore as you can simply select a new video addon for example and it will now appear in your videos addon section.  No more enabling repositories!  I will walk you through enabling the YIFY video addon below.

click on video addons


select yify addon

Select the YIFY add-on.  You will need to scroll or advance pages as they are listed in alphabetical order.  My selections appear as block logos, yours might be in a text list format.

click on install yify

Click on install Yify Movies HD.

confirm the yify install

Confirm the Yify Add-On install.  That is all there is to it, you will now be able to access the YIFY Add-On in your Videos Add On tab.  Adding new content to your android TV box is simple.

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