Airplay On Your Android TV Box

Let me introduce you to a great little app found in all dual core boxes.  The app is called Airplay and can be found on your app page in the top left corner as seen below.  If not, you can simply download it from the Google Play Store.

Airplay app on android TV box


This app will allow you to stream content wireless from your Iphone or Ipad right to your big screen.  Scenario,  your friend just got back from holidays and has the most amazing video to show you on his phone.  Instead of squinting and watching the video or scrolling through pictures on his phone you simply enable Airplay on your android TV box.

Step 1

how to turn on air play


Simply click on “Start Airplay” and take note of the device name.  In our case it is amlogic TV.

Step 2

AirPlay Logo

On your Ipad or Iphone,  you will now select either a photo or video that you wish to display.  In the corner (bottom left for my Ipad) you will see the symbol above, or one very similar to it.  This is the AirPlay logo.  Tap this, and your image/video will appear on your big screen.  Pretty slick.

Thanks to Dave for pointing this one out to me.