Best Live TV Addons For KODI

My top three list of the best Live TV addons for KODI in 2015.  I do miss the Live streams that MashUp once had, however there are some great new KODI addons that offer many of your favorite live streams.  I have yet to find an addon that you can consistently count on the live streams to be up 100 percent of the time with the exception of the first KODI live streams addon on my list.


USTVnow live tv kodi addonUSTVnow is a legit addon that offers free TV to Americans abroad that includes the following six stations.  ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS.

You must register with an email and password.  (psssss.  I know several people who have signed up and are not American citizens.)  The USTVnow addon can be found in the FUSION Repository.  To learn how to install Fusion click here.  Now USTVnow does not offer the most selection by any means, however it is reliable and I always know it is going to work.  No need to hunt around for working streams here.  You also have the option to sign up with them for access to the following 27 stations for $29 USD a month.

ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS, My9, A&E, Animal Planet, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNBC, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, ESPN, FX, Fox News, History, Lifetime, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, Spike, Syfy, TBS, TNT, USA, AMC.

live tv channels on kodi ustvnow addon



vdubt25 live tv kodiMy second favorite choice for best live TV addons for KODI would be hands down VDUBT25.  VDUBT25 features hundreds of live streams from all over the world in an easy to search library.  Live sports or your favorite live tv program are only a click away.  Some streams come in HD as well.  For instructions on how to install VDUBT25 click here.  How to Install VDUBT 25.  I decided to do some testing on live streams on VDUBT25 just to see how well they kept things up to date.  I first checked out UK Live TV and discovered they had 56 streams of which I could get 30 to work.  I then experimented with USA Live TV and found 30 working streams out of a total of 51.  My final test was Canada Sports and TV and was impressed with 52 out of 61 live tv streams fully operating at the time of my test!


vdubt25 live tv on android box



Phoenix Kodi AddonThe third kodi addon that I will mention that is almost as good as VDUBT25 for live tv sources on KODI  is Phoenix.  I love the layout and easy to use library.  When you open Phoenix, their live streams can be found under Phoenix TV.  The Phoenix addon can be found in the Fusion repository.  For instructions on how to install Fusion please click here.  I did some testing to see how this addon fared.  They have Listed in their main menu 4 options, Sports, Entertainment, Music, World News.  I selected entertainment and found four more menus to choose from.  24/7 TV, UK TV, US TV, Canada TV.  For my test I opened the Canada TV tab and found 21 streams to choose from and found 11 of them working.  Not too bad however, three of them were French and four of them were duplicate stations.  The picture was not HD but none the less the quality was very good.   I then selected US TV and discovered 33 listed stations with only 7 of them working.  A whole lot of testing to find some live TV on KODI.  Now things got much more interesting when I opened UK TV.  Out of the 45 live TV options I was able to stream 30 of them with no issues.  Many stations included American movies when I was testing.  Overall I had 60 live streaming tv stations on my android box with no issues.  Phoenix is without a doubt a required addon if you need to stream live TV.



There you have it.  The very best live TV addons for KODI in 2015 for you to test out.  If you enjoyed and benefited from this article I kindly ask you to like or share this information on the buttons below.  Peace out.