Best VPN For Kodi – Hide Your IP

If you need to make your connection to the internet private to prevent your internet service provider from tracking your internet usage, you should invest in a VPN for KODI.

A VPN may also allow you to use a service that may be blocked in your country such as NETFLIX.  Simply click on the image below to get started.

vpn for kodiJailbroken TV endorses the best in class when it comes to security and encryption.  Express VPN offers many amazing features that make it the best.

  • Round the clock 24/7 live customer support chat
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Easy to use app install for all platforms
  • One click connection to the VPN
  • Unlimited server switching
  • Unlimited speed!!!
  • 1000 plus servers across 100 plus locations in 78 countries and growing

Protect and hide your IP when using your android KODI box.  Watching UK football on KODI with a VPN gives you the security you need.  To get started, click on the image below.

vpn for uk football

Watch this video to understand the benefits a VPN can offer you.



News Article from December, 2015 on how producers are suing people for illegally downloading a copy of the Manny Pacquiao Documentary through their IP.  Click Here

The lawsuits, filed by Manny Film LLC, do not name actual defendants, but instead an Internet Protocol address attached to a computer. A person’s actual name is added later in the case.

The fastest VPN combined with your KODI android box will give you the security you need.

If you are looking for more information on how a VPN works and what it can do for you, please check out this article here.