Best XBMC Addons

What are the best XBMC addons you ask?  I composed a list of the eleven most popular XBMC addons along with a brief description.

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For a list of the Top 100 most popular third party addons you can visit

Warning:  Viewing pirated content is illegal.  You choose to do so at your own discretion.  We do not condone.

One of my favorite XBMC addons would have to be USTV NOW.  It is a completely free and legal service that allows you to stream the major US networks live.   It is intended for Americans travelling abroad and is not available inside the US.  So, my lucky Canadian friends enjoy your 7 free channels.  Some are in HD.  You simply have to go to the USTV NOW site and sign up for a free account.  You then need to go into your system settings on your android tv box and add your email and password into the USTV NOW Addon and you are good to go.  You can also purchase a monthly membership for around $30 a month and stream over 30 channels.

Genesis Kodi

My new favorite Kodi addon for 2015.  Genesis has to be the best new all in one addon out there since Mash Up.  Movies and TV shows all in a simple to use library.  For instructions on how to add Genesis Please click here.

Ice Films
icefilmslogoProbably one of the top sources for movies.  Thousands of old, current and even in theatre movies along with a great listing of television shows.  This one has been around for a very long time and resides on most android TV boxes.  The Genesis addon however has taken over as the most popular all in one source.

1 Channel Also Known As Primewire
1 channel

Most likely the number one addon used on XBMC with its great selection  of movies and and the best selection of tv programming anywhere.  It features great filters to quickly help you find the show and episode you are hunting for.  All of your favorite television shows available on demand commercial free and usually updated within the past 24 hours of the last live viewing.   If you are familiar with 1channel and have used it in the past on your computer or a Western Digital Media Player, then you are in for a treat.  When you combine XBMC with the android TV box, you no longer need to download the programs.  You can simply click on the episode and it will begin streaming in seconds!

vdubt25 best kodi addons
Holy Crap is all I can say about this one.  I came across this addon in 2015 and it is the current leader in live streams.  I am not sure how they manage to stay online and I am even hesitant to include them on my review.  So, I will recommend for testing purposes only I will recommend, as you will see the greatest current collection of live streams from around the world.  Most of the popular stations and live sports included.  You will not find this addon in Fusion.  You will have to install either xunity talk repo or download it from super repo.  For a tutorial on how to add Vdubt25 please click here.

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