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Best Kodi Addons For 2015

For those of you that do not keep up on the latest developments in this fast changing industry, you might want to look into the best kodi addons for 2015.  For those of you who are not aware, XBMC has renamed itself KODI.  Some of the top XBMC addons from last year are now defunct.  No worries, if you have not upgraded to KODI yet, these addons will still work on your XBMC platform.  I am updating this post as of August 2015.  I am amazed at the amount of misinformation and garbage suggestions for top addons available in the search results.  Many of the suggestions I tried were either no longer maintained or broken.  I know how frustrating it can be after going to the trouble of loading a new KODI Addon and repo, only to find out it does not work.  You can rest assure my recommendations below are the cream of the crop.  I would appreciate it if you like the article that you hit the share button below.


I have four top addons that I want to cover in detail.  These are must have addons that every android TV box needs.

1.  Addon Installer

addon installer xbmc kodi


This has got to be the best dumb it down program yet for adding addons.  It is usually installed in the program section on your menu bar.  You can download it at

In the past you would have to install complicated file directories and then follow a lengthy procedure to install and activate repositories when you wanted to add a new xbmc addon.  With Addon Installer you can do all of this with a click of a button.  It has a great easy to use interface that even your grandma could figure out how to use it.

kodi addon installer
Best KODI Addons For 2015

2.  Phoenix

Phoenix Kodi Addon

I stated earlier that I thought Genesis was the best new KODI addon and would replace Mashup as the best all in one addon, until I stumbled upon Phoenix.  It’s a toss up for me at the moment as to which one I like better.

kodi phoenix addon xbmc

From the above screenshot you can see that Phoenix has sections for different authors.  Like Mashup, you can find live streams, live hockey games, kids programming,  documentaries, international programming, and of course all of your favorite movies and television shows all in one place.  If you already installed Addon Installer, then adding Phoenix to your android TV box is as easy as pushing a button.  Thanks again to for this slick new addon, their camp really seems to be taking the lead in the development of third party addons for KODI/XBMC.