Changes In The XBMC ADDON Industry

Some of you may have noticed a few of your addons disappearing or acting erratically in the last few weeks.

nerd fight

This has been the result of a pissing match between two leading camps of programmers that have designed and support most of the popular addons we have come to enjoy on XBMC.   The dispute was over one group wanting to cash in on all of their hard work by selling ad space on their addon.  A quick pop up ad might appear at the start of a program or movie, and would really minimize your viewing experience in my opinion.  A small price to pay, and I personally have no problem with this.  Servers cost money to operate.  The other group was steadfast that they would hold true to the values of open source, free for everyone, and in no way did they want to commercialize their work.  The argument could be made that they would place themselves into a dangerous lawsuit position from the broadcasters once they started to monetize their work.

All of the programmers were originally from XBMCHUB, the original authority where everyone looking for the latest info would go to.  XBMCHUB is also the owner of the ever popular easy addon installer FUSION.  Once the split happened this past month a new easy addon installer was born, XFINITY.   XFINITY includes the popular addon Mash Up, along with several others.  In the short time it has been around I must say it has really impressed me.

Time will tell if both parties will survive.  Competition will most likely drive  both teams to continue to improve the addons we have come to enjoy.  In the mean time, you now know their is a new kid on the block.  Welcome XFINITY.