Changing Quick Icons In XBMC

Your  android TV box  is capable of displaying seven quick launch icons in XBMC.  If you need to change them, it is pretty simple.  Please follow along below.

jailbrokentv home


Note the 7 quick launch icons listed above.

Step 1

System settings XBMC


Click on “SYSTEM” and tab down to “SETTINGS”.  Click OK

Step 2

Change appearance in XBMC settings


Click on “APPEARANCE”.

Step 3

Skin settings xbmc

Tab right to “SETTINGS”. Click OK.

Step 4

changing addon short cuts in xbmc


Tab down “ADD-ON SHORTCUTS” on left, and tab over right to the position of the icon you want to change.  Click OK on it.

Step 5

selecting xbmc add-on short cuts


Simply tab down through the list and click on the add-on you wish to install from that quick launch location.