File Sharing Sources Explained For Third Party Add-ons In XBMC

When you stream a file in XBMC you are accessing it from a server sharing that content from some unknown location around the globe.  You will notice that some of the content you access could have close to 100 different sources.  Some of them will be high quality content, some will be buffering or low resolution, and some might even have sub titles in a foreign language.  It is important to note that and this site do not condone the illegal viewing of copyrighted material.

Lesson 1

XBMC file sources explained


From my experience, the most reliable sources are in yellow, or have a higher number of downloads, or have a pop up captcha that asks you to tupe in a phrase.

Lesson 2

XBMC sources DVD vs CAM vs HD


Notice the red HD and the blue DVD listed above?  This is a reference to the quality of the stream.  If you see HD, you know it is 720 or 1080 Blueray quality.  That being said, it will be a much larger file and may be more difficult to stream, depending on 3 varibles.

a. Your processor speed.  If you have seen your machine stream HD content before, then you can rule this out.

b. Your internet service download speed.  If you are running dial up internet, this is not going to work for you.  I can stream HD no problem at 250 to 300 k per second service.  This is a standard level speed in my area.

c. The source server is not overloaded.  Picture 5 people streaming off of the server at one time.  Now picture Saturday night when 100 people are all trying to access the same file.  The server will only be sending a watered down stream your way.  Time to back out and try another source.

A third type of quality exists that I should point out.  It is called CAM.  This is when somebody with a handheld camera and a shaky grip records the video.  You will want to avoid these.  They are often from pirated copies of a newly released movie where somebody stands up in the middle of it to go get popcorn.

My favorite sources include:

180 Uploads


Billion Uploads

Huge Files



You will develop your own favorite list over time.

captcha for xbmc

Captcha input explained.

Above you will see you are required to enter the phrase “knock knock knock penny”.  Having experience with server, I can explain the logic behind this.  It is checking to see if you are a human and can read and type the skewed phrase.  If you get it correct, you get access to the file.  Captcha’s were created to stop hackers and spammers bots.  They could simply program a bot to attack a server and overload it, taking the server out of action.  So, as much as it is a pain in the but to enter in the phrases.  It is usually a good sign you are tapping into a good source.  My best advice is invest in a wireless keyboard.  I swear by Logitech K400 listed below.  You can usually pick one up for around $40 at Staples.  Plug in the USB dongle into one of the four ports in you Android TV Box, and you are ready to go.

Please note that most keyboards will have minor glitches when communicating with android.  Mine for example will not display the colon?


wireless keyboard