Getting Started With XBMC And Your Android TV Box

The Android TV Box is much more than just a cheap media streamer like the Roku and Apple TV devices. It is a full-fledged ARM mini computer running the complete Android 4.2 operating system. Unlike it’s competitors the Android TV Box is extremely versatile and open, meaning you can install virtually any Android app from the Google Play Store! It also features a dual core processesor and 8GB internal storage and SPDIF digital audio output for surround sound, something else the other guys just don’t have.

Never needs to be Jailbroken.

Tired of jailbreaking your AppleTV to get it to actually do anything useful? With the Android TV Box you’ll never have to worry about jailbreaking again! The unit comes completely open and ready to install any apps through the Google Play Store and you can even install apps manually through ApkInstaller. With so many options available on the Android TV Box you’re probably wondering why you ever considered the Apple TV to begin with.  If you are interested in more details on installing third party apps for XBMC, you can visit for more details.

Our unit comes with preloaded apps such as Netflix (you will need an account), Skype,XBMC, and Youtube that will be able to experience and enjoy on the big screen.

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