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I have compiled a list of helpful videos and tutorials to help you tinker with your new android tv box set up.  I really do appreciate any referrals I get for providing this free information.  If you know a friend that is looking for an Android TV box, I can not thank you enough for sending them to  The very first thing you will need to do after you plug your hdmi cable into your tv, power cord into the wall, and you have selected the right input on your tv is set up your wifi, assuming you are not using an ethernet cable.  Its not much different than connecting your cell phone to a wireless network.

 1. Setting up wifi


After you have managed to get your android tv box connected to the internet, you will want to click the return button on your remote to take you back to the main home page.  You will see a green robot looking guy near the bottom…..also known as “android”.  You will need to toggle over to him and click “OK”.  You should now see your apps page.  Near the bottom you should see the black  XBMC icon.  (apps are in alphabetical order)  Click on it and launch XBMC for the first time.  The next video gives a good demonstration of XBMC at work.  It’s worth the 20 minutes, and you will notice not every thing always works perfect.

2. XBMC basics


If you ever find yourself in a pickle and you somehow messed something up with your XBMC, you can always reload a fresh copy.  In order to do that you will need to go into your setting section from your desktop (where you set up your wifi in step 1).  You will click on Apps, and then XBMC.  You will need to delete your install of XBMC in order to replace it with a fresh install and not encounter any problems.  Once you have uninstalled it, you will need to download the custom XBMC file located at the bottom of this page to a sd card or usb stick on your computer.   You will then insert the usb stick or sd card into one of the open slots of your android TV box.  Go to the apps page, and click on

Installing Fusion can save you lots of time when searching for the latest updates and newest addons.

Installing Fusion

The most useful tool available to help you install all the most popular addons.  Check out my tutorial as I guide you click by click with Screen shots.

How To Install Fusion  Updated.

Great Resource Sites For Your Android TV box


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my monthly internet bill increase?

The answer depends on your current internet account.  If you are like me and have no limits on the amount you can download, then no.  If you have a monthly plan that limits you to only 20 GB a month you might want to considering upgrading your usage limit.  Rogers currently has a plan that allows you to up your plan to 80 GB from the base 20 GB a month for only an extra $10 per month.

 Why is their a lag on my football/ hockey game?

With any fast moving program such as a sporting event it is not uncommon to see a slight lag.  I am running wifi and usually do not have much of a problem.  There is two things you can try.  If you are running wifi, you can always try switching over to an ethernet cable.  The second option is trying a new source.  Keep in mind you are restricted by how fast your modem will allow you to download and also how fast the source is sending the signal to you.  You can have the best set up in the world, but if a thousand people are all hitting the source server at the same time, your data stream gets thinned out.

Sometimes my XBMC will quit working?

Yes, I hate it too.   Sometimes you will be searching through a menu and suddenly an error will pop up or you will just get kicked out of XBMC all together.  It does not happen often, but none the less it can be frustrating.  Keep in mind that XBMC runs on many open source addons and it’s a small inconvenience to pay considering the benefits of free entertainment you are receiving.  I have tested several different boxes and it is a common theme among them all.

Typing with my remote can be a pain, can I add a wireless keyboard to my Android TV box?

Yes, I recommend purchasing a wireless keyboard to add to the experience.  I purchased a Logitech 400 wireless keyboard for $40 and love the simplicity of entering text to my TV while laying on my couch.   Please note that XBMC does not recognize all characters on a traditional keyboard and you will still need to use the on screen keyboard for a few characters such as the “@” symbol as of now.  I am sure they will resolve this issue in the near future.  Not a big deal with my wireless keyboard that includes a touch pad.  My keyboard comes with a blue tooth and range extender USB that I plug into the android TV box and can function from 25 plus feet away.


If you are concerned about keeping your internet activities private, you might want to look into a VPN to hide your IP Address.