How To Add Genesis To Kodi The Easy Way

Genesis Kodi AddonI will show you how to add Genesis To Kodi in easy steps with screen shots.  Genesis has quickly become the number one KODI add-on over the past year, replacing the now defunct Mash Up.  Genesis has a super easy to use library and is often updated with the most current movies and shows out there.  If you had to pick one add-on for your granny to use, Genesis would be the one.

The Kodi Config Wizard makes adding third party addons to your android TV box a simple and stress free process.  I will show you step by step how to install the Kodi config wizard and some screen shots of the addons it comes loaded with.  We must thank the team over at for all the work they have put into this beautiful tool.  They have made a 12 click process to add all of your favorite addons.  Follow along click by click.  If you have not already installed Fusion you will need to do that first.  For easy instructions on installing Fusion follow this link how to install fusion on kodi  It will only take you a couple of minutes, then return here for the magic.  Once you are complete your screen will look like the one below with all of the most popular add-ons.  Notice Genesis located right on the home menu?

config wizard video defaults


Let’s begin.

clcik on settings in KodiClick on SYSTEM, then tab down to Settings and click on it.

click on addons

Click on Add-ons

install from Zip file

Click on Install from zip file.

select fusionClick on fusion.

select start here

Select Start Here
select kodi hub wizard


wait for plugin to enable

Wait for the Add-on enabled message to appear in the bottom right corner.  It should take less than a minute depending on your android TV box type.  The Kodi config wizard is almost ready .

tab to programs

Go back to the main screen and tab to PROGRAMS and click OK.

kodi config installer

Select Program Add-ons.

select config wizard addon

Select Config Wizard.

Select your device

Select your device.

select your device 2


A second screen shot to show the two options at the bottom of devices.

select yes


Select Yes to install the Kodi Config Wizard.

kodi config wizard downloading

Go have a beer or a pop as the Kodi config wizard downloads.  It could take 5 to ten minutes depending on your download speed and processor.  Let it update for a few minutes after the install has completed.

config wizard video defaults

Here is a look at the new layout you just installed complete with shortcuts to many of the most popular addons including Genesis.

I hope you enjoy the new layout.  If you found my tutorial on how to add Genesis to KODI useful, please help me out by sharing the article with the buttons below.

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