How To Add To Favorites In XBMC

Many people have no idea how to add to favorites in XBMC or KODI.  Part of the problem is that there are so many different ways depending on what remote you are using or even if you are using a keyboard.  Organizing your shows of movies into your favorites can save you a ton of time, no need to scroll through pages to find what you are looking for.  Easy peasy, all in one place now.

kodi favorites buttonMany KODI addons take advantage of the favorites button located on the bottom left corner in the shape of a star.  You can quickly find your saved searches here on the kodi home screen.  Primewire and Phoenix addons are two of the more popular Kodi addons to take advantage of this.

favorites drop down menu

When you click on the KODI favorites button a drop down appears with all of your saved favorites.

Unfortunately not all developers chose to utilize the KODI home page favorite menu and instead chose to build a favorites list right into their addon.  Ice Films, Genesis, and Project Free TV are three of the more common addons that are designed this way.  You can usually find their favorites tab once you open up the addon and scroll through the options.

Like I said earlier, I will show you how to add to favorites in XBMC or KODI.  This is the tricky part most people miss.

how to add movie to favorites xbmc

As you can see, a drop down box appears with several options, including add to favorites.  If you are using a keyboard , you will simply hover over the program you would like to add to your favorites with your mouse and then press C.  Voila, the drop down box will appear.

xbmc keyboard add to favorites

If you are using a remote like the one below you will want to click the blue menu button to activate the add to favorites drop down menu on your android TV box.

android remote favorites button

If you are using another common android TV remote like the one below, you can activate the drop down menu while you are on a selected movie and press the button to the bottom left of the OK button.  Your add to favorites option will then appear.

android cs918 remote


Hopefully you will be a little more organized now and save some time after learning how to add favorites to XBMC.

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