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Many of the android TV boxes come with a remote that works better as a paper weight in my opinion.  It was not long before I began searching for the best wireless keyboard for for kodi xbmc without breaking the bank to replace the useless remote.  No more getting up and walking within four feet of the box so my remote could communicate.

I stumbled upon the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with Built-In Multi-Touch Touchpad, Black after reading several reviews and ordered one off of Amazon.  It arrived the next day at my doorstep for under $30.

I quickly opened it up and was pleased to see it even shipped with batteries.  I was up and running in seconds after I inserted the USB into my android TV box and the cursor arrow popped up on my TV.

The wireless keyboard was the best purchase I have made for enhancing my kodi xbmc experience.  No more annoying remote typing in captcha or search titles.  The wireless range on the keyboard is amazing and has no problem communicating with any of my android boxes from thirty feet away.

My only issue with the Logitech K400 wireless keyboard would be that it is not a back-lit keyboard and in low lighting you have a hard time finding the keys.  Logitech does offer the Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800
for those that need this option.

logitech k 800 for android tv box

For half the price however, I will stick with the k400.  I have both the black and white models.  The touch pad on the right that controls the on screen mouse pointer is the best feature.  A finger tap is like clicking OK on your android remote and the left mouse button takes you back a screen.

logitech k400 remote for android box

I realize the title of this article says the best remote for Kodi and I started out with an inexpensive wireless keyboard.  The truth is, most of the android TV box remotes can be a pain in the but to use and leave you frustrated.  That being said, here is a review of three of the more popular Kodi remotes.

kodi remote review

The first remote on the left is the common remote included with the cs918 or mk 888 silver and black quad core android TV box.  Of the three above I would rank it tied for last.  It does not feel comfortable in the hand and has the least range of any remote I have ever tested.

The second remote is for Matricoms new G Box Q.  It is the best remote I have ever tested as far as range and comfortable fit in the hand go.  It is simple to use and not crowded with buttons.

The third remote on the right is the most popular android TV box remote in circulation.  You will find it when you purchase a G Box MX2 or the MX Dual core box.  In my opinion it is the twin sister of the first remote.  The range is a little better but not much.  It has a few more features, but most you will never use.

There you have it, the best remote for Kodi is a wireless keyboard in my opinion.  The range and the ability to quickly type as opposed to using the on screen keyboard makes your Kodi experience that much more enjoyable.

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